Fresh Faces With MaryBeth @mb_withasideofpb

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Meet MaryBeth (@mb_withasideofpb on Instagram)



We want to introduce you to another one of our Fresh Faced Foodies, MaryBeth. She’s a huge Salba Chia fan and she has some incredible foodie photos and recipes to share with the community! Some of our favorites from her are the vibrant and fun smoothies she thinks up – Isn’t she the cutest?! Read her story, her passions, schooling and what her Instagram message is all about below!

” I graduated from college a year ago with a major in communications and a minor in journalism. After graduating, I took this passion for writing to New York City, where I’ve lived for the past year and can finally call this place HOME!


New York City is everything I dreamed it would be: spontaneity lies around every corner and there is seriously never a dull moment.  It’s the perfect place for me to pursue my hopes and dreams and I could not be more blessed to call this place home.


It’s also taught me how to find balance. Everyone here has such a go, go, go mentality, and let’s be real, it’s exhausting at times. There’s a constant notion that everyone must maintain a certain level of perfection, not just in this city, but in life. Rewind a few years and I see a picture of an underweight college sophomore desperately striving for this level of perfection, doing whatever it took to reach this unattainable goal. But fast forward a few years later (and add a heck of a lot of support from the best darn friends and family), and this same girl now prides herself on fully achieving peace and harmony in this crazy, incredible life.


So many of us live frenzied lives, and Instagram (@mb_withasideofpb) has been the perfect outlet for sharing my tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle while gaining inspiration from the most wonderful people and brands. Salbachia is one of many products that allows me to be healthy in a simple way. Salba Chia seeds are for more than just “chia pudding” – I put them in smoothies, on rice cakes, in energy balls, even on salads. They’re such an easy source of protein and healthy fats! And they even have chocolate Salba chia seeds. Game. Changer. ” – MaryBeth


Make sure to follow MaryBeth on Instagram (@mb_withasideofpb)  to hear more about her life, passions and see her amazing recipes!