We Cultivate Passion, Too.

It all begins with doing what you love. That’s always worked for us. It has been this passion for chia that has made our pursuit of the purest and most powerful chia seeds a reality.

Since 2006, Salba Smart founders, Rally and Rich Ralston, have made it their mission to bring great-tasting, nutritionally dense food products to strengthen your diet with essential nutrients—to power whatever it is that you love to do.

Because we care as much about the planet as we do about people, we are committed to transparency in our business and growing practices. That’s why all Salba Chia products are grown using organic practices and are Non-GMO Project Verified—all from the lush soil and temperate climate of South America.

Team Spirit. Customer Focus. Responsibility. Entrepreneurship.

These are the values we hold high throughout our open company culture—from our offices in Colorado to our humble farms found near the Earth’s equator. Year after year, our founding growers and partners, staff and associates, with multiple generations of combined experience in producing superior natural and organic products, are the most important part of bringing Salba Chia to you.