Fresh Faces With Caitlin @starinfinitefood

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Meet Caitlin Greene (@starinfinitefood)

Who is Caitlin?

Caitlin: Health food and fitness freak, private chef, owner of a full time dog walking company, food blogger/photographer and recipe developer.

What does your account name, Starinfinitefood mean?

“Star” is symbolic of my mantra “shoot for the stars/strive for excellence” and “infinitefood” is simply an infinite number of food choices/flavor combinations/possibilities

Caitlin’s favorite Salba Chia Product:

Caitlin: My favorite Salba Chia product is the white chia seeds. They are so versatile, and can be used in so many sweet and savory recipes. I love using them for chia pudding, soups, adding them to smoothies, making chia jam, sprinkling them onto eggs/meat/protein/vegetables, adding them to kombucha to make a filling snack, subbing chia eggs for eggs. Plus, they travel well and are a great source of fat and protein! They can take on various flavors, which is wonderful.

Caitlin’s outlook on food

Caitlin: Eating healthy and eating delicious food absolutely go hand-in-hand! Flavah-flavah y’all! With a blood-line of chefs, I learned how to cook at a young age, and what began as a hobby has blossomed into my passion. The kitchen is the one place I feel at home, no matter where I am. I enjoy incorporating fresh, organic and sustainable foods when creating a dish. I also specialize in allergy-friendly and diet-specific cuisine. 

Her mantra: Balance. Life is about balance – be it food, flavor, fitness, faith, fun, etc. 

Caitlin’s Background : I graduated Boston University with a bachelors in Advertising and Business, worked in the marketing and PR field for a few years, but like a true (BU)Terrier, I like a challenge. Ergo, now, I am making my talent and passion my career. 

Since graduation, I have pursued nutritional certifications, gained experience in health and wellness and food service, and am currently pursuing a masters in clinical nutrition. 

What Caitlin Has to Offer: Yes, I have experience in the restaurant and catering industry, but I have found that my true culinary fulfillment is having creative freedom in the kitchen. I live to plan out menus, design new recipes and cook for groups customary to their needs. I have experience as a private chef as well as a nutritional guide, and I use social media to share my food knowledge and creative recipes with others. My instagram allows me to share my food ideas and health knowledge through enticing pictures and drool-worthy recipes.

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