“Berrylicious” Overnight Oats

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Overnight oats are one of the most popular and favorite ways to enjoy Salba Chia. Their are so many different ways to make them, you can change up the flavors easily and make it fun. These overnight oats are colorful … Read More

Isaac’s Chocolaty PB & J

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Snack like a king or queen after school or dinner. This upgraded peanut butter sandwich is sure to please everyone’s pallet. Not to mention the added punch of nutrition Salba Chia adds to it. Simply slather Chocolate & Peanut butter … Read More

Egg Free Salba Chia Oatcakes

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These oatcakes are fun way to switch up your morning oats. There are endless ways to be creative on flavors which makes them versatile to any flavor pallet! These Red Velvet Oatcakes are a no brainer for a fun breakfast … Read More

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