Vegan Broccoli and Tempeh Caesar

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Vegan Broccoli¬†and Tempeh Caesar This salad is so simple to make. Great for last minute guests or to bring as a side to a gathering. The added Salba Chia adds the perfect little crunch to it.      

Vegan Taco Bowls

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These taco bowls will hit the spot and they won’t weigh you down like the traditional taco bowls with deep fried shells and greasy meat!    

Easy Apple Crumble Pie

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  This pie is so easy and yet tastes like you slaved over the oven for hours. It’s a bit healthier and lower in sugar than your traditional apples pies as well!    

Mango Chicken Curry

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Mango Chicken Curry  This vibrant dish is a twist on the classic curry, a perfect and easy way to shake things up.

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